Monday, September 14, 2009

Elliott's Eighth Birthday

All of the boys
Looking for a clue
One of their secret messages
Revealing their clue

We had so much fun at his party, we pretended that the boys were secret agents. We took their fingerprints when they first arrived and then sent them on a "secret mission". I wrote different clues with white crayon on white paper and they had to color over it with a marker to reveal the message, they has so much fun running all over the house looking for the next clue! When they got to the last clue it led them to their goody bags filled with all kind of supplies that a secret agent needs, magnifying glass, spy sunglasses, toy guns, walkie talkies and a few pieces of candy.
Elliott has such sweet friends and they all got along so well together, after presents and cake they all just played upstairs with all their stuff until their parents came to get them-it was a great day!

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Anne Living Life said...

What a great party! You are so creative, Kate!