Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yum of the week

So Wednesday and weekends are the only time I can make a real dinner because all the other days the boys have practice, so I never have the time to make something really yummy. Last night was Caribbean jerk chicken, sauteed fresh pineapple and brown rice. It was really good, even Rory ate all of his chicken (which he rarely does) so I know it was good! :) I was going to grill the chicken and pineapple, but when I went out to start the grill we were out of propane, so I just put the chicken in the oven and sauteed the pineapple. Here's what I did:

Put in freezer bag and pound until desired thinness (this makes it really moist)
Marinade in jerk sauce (I cheated and just bought a bottled marinade)
Cook at 350 for 20 min. or grill

I used fresh, it's much better than canned!
Melt 2 tbls. butter with
3 tbls. brown sugar
slice pineapple and sautee over medium heat
(coconut oil would have been really good to use instead of the butter, I will try that next time!)

you all know how to cook brown rice, I always boil mine with chicken stock instead of water, it gives it a really yummy flavor and I don't have to add butter and salt!
Enjoy! Ok, girls now it's your turn. :)

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Anne Living Life said...

Wow! Sounds amazing!!
I've been thinking of what to post for my yum of the week. Since we've been celebrating Ryan's bday, I haven't had a chance to cook anything blog worthy... I will asap!