Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of Preschool

His expression cracks me up!

Rory had his first day on Tuesday and was so excited! We got his lunch all packed and his backpack ready-he couldn't wait for 9:30 to come. Then we got there and I think he was a little overwhelmed, but he didn't cry or cling to me, he just got really quiet and kind of stood behind me. We got him all settled and I gave him a hug and he sat down at his table to color. I have been really ready for him to start school, but as I left him there I was a little sad. Once they start school time seems to fly by even faster and they grow up so quickly! I did get the whole house cleaned up though and even got a yoga class in at the YMCA-so that's a good thing!

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Anne Living Life said...

That smile is hilarious! I'm so glad you take their picture on the first day of school!